TSS - Emergency Assistance while Traveling/International SOS (ISOS)

Emergency Assistance while Traveling/International SOS (ISOS)

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First Published  :Thu Apr 16 20:57:41 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Jun 18 20:01:47 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Jun 18 20:01:47 GMT 2019
Summary :  Steps to take in the event of emergency using International SOS


Primary Information

    What to do in an Emergency?

    If you need medical or security help while abroad on a Tufts-related trip:
    1.      Call the equivalent of ‘911’, if appropriate
    2.      Call International SOS at + 215-942-8226 or 215-942-8478 (worldwide, 24/7/365) for additional help, including non-emergency help. You may call collect.  Our SOS number is 

    International SOS provides medical and security advice and referrals and emergency evacuation services to eligible Tufts travelers abroad. To ensure access to these services, it is crucial that all international travel be registered in the Tufts Travel Registry. International SOS will inform the appropriate parties and stakeholders at Tufts University.

    Some International Employees working in the U.S. also have access to International SOS coverage and should have received an email directly from them including a member number.


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