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Bonus Days

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First Published  :Wed May 13 13:15:49 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 15 19:40:23 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Feb 15 19:40:23 GMT 2022
Summary :  Describes what a bonus day is and who is eligible


Primary Information

    The below applies only to Staff, not Students or Temps; see the Faculty Affairs Handbook for the individual school for Faculty.

    Bonus days are earned by non-exempt, benefits eligible Staff for perfect or very good attendance. If the employee does not use any of his or her sick days in an anniversary year, he or she earns two (2) non-accruable bonus days for use as vacation or personal time. If the employee takes one (1) or two (2) sick days, he or she earns one (1) bonus day. Records of bonus time are kept in the department where the employee works.  
    Bonus days for perfect or good attendance are awarded at the employment anniversary date and must be used one year from that anniversary date and they are not paid out at end of employment.

    Bonus days for good attendance are not to be confused with Bonus Days from the President, which are gifted on occasion but we do not have any sort of time frame or determination on when those days are announce, as this information comes from the President's Office.



Related Information

    In time entry, the earnings code for recording a "Bonus Day for Not Using Sick Time" is 295.



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