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The Budget Center

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First Published  :Tue Aug 04 13:49:46 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 05 02:44:11 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Fri Oct 20 17:50:56 GMT 2017
Summary :  Provides information pertaining to the Budget Center: their mission and tasks


Primary Information

    The Budget Center is a service organization within the central Finance division that provides financial information and analysis to Tufts decision makers, enabling them to align program priorities with resources. The Budget Center is staffed with full-time finance professionals who work directly with schools and central units to streamline budgeting, reporting and forecasting procedures. It serves as a partner that provides budgeting and analysis to support sound financial decisions.
    The Budget Center provides a unified approach to department, school and university budgeting, inclusive of all funding sources, to simplify the budgeting process. It establishes standard approaches for major budget categories to streamline university-wide analysis. It increases transparency, accuracy and confidence in budgets and forecasts to enable stakeholders to use resources efficiently and effectively. It expands the breadth and depth of analysis provided to schools and divisions for strategic financial planning. It improves  access to reporting tools and information to enable responsible stewardship of resources and enhance transparency. It reduces the effort involved in budgeting, so schools and divisions can focus staff effort on program development and support.

    The Budget Center does not alter the authority of Tufts department and program leaders to define what their budgets should be and how to execute them. The Budget Center introduces consistent processes and best practices that support budget development and management, accuracy, and transparency throughout the university. It will also reduce the collective effort involved in transactional budget and finance work so schools and divisions can devote more time to their core missions.


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