TSS - Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law

Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law

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First Published  :Tue Aug 18 13:13:36 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed May 11 14:40:41 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed May 11 14:40:41 GMT 2022
Summary :  Provides information about this new law for non-benefits eligible staff


Primary Information

    Under this law, non-benefits eligible staff are able to accrue 1 (one) hour of paid sick time for every 30 (thirty) hours worked, up to a total of 40 hours per year (defined as fiscal year at Tufts, 7/1 to 6/30).  Non-benefits eligible faculty members are also able to use up to 40 hours of earned sick time per fiscal year.  This includes temp employees who are paid through Tufts payroll.  This law does not apply to temporary employees at Tufts paid through an agency.  Employees can begin to use earned sick time on the 90th day after their first day of actual work.

    Employees can carry over up to 40 hours of unused sick time to the next fiscal year, but cannot use more than 40 hours in a fiscal year. Employers do not have to pay employees for unused sick time at the end of their employment. 

    Tufts employees and faculty who already receive paid sick time benefits from Tufts will not be impacted by this law.  However, those employees who are not benefit eligible or who do not participate in a paid sick time program at the university should refer to the new Earned Sick Time Policy for Employees, the new Earned Sick Time Policy for Faculty and to the Attorney General’s Earned Sick Time Notice. 


    Tufts Students are generally not eligible to accrue Earned Sick Time DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR because those who are FICA exempt are not covered under the Leave law. All students who work at Tufts are exempt from FIC A during the academic year, thus they cannot accrue time under the Leave Law. These Tufts students can accrue Earned Sick Time during the SUMMER months when they are no longer exempt from FICA.  

    Non-Tufts Students (example-attend school at Northeastern but work at Tufts) are generally eligible to accrue Earned Sick Time because they are NOT exempt from FICA tax (the tax exemption only applies to Tufts students working at Tufts during the academic year).

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    G.L.c.149 § 148C, sick time for contract employees, sick time for temps