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Unable to Hire in ePAF

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First Published  :Wed Sep 30 19:28:17 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Thu Mar 04 21:00:18 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Thu Mar 04 21:00:18 GMT 2021
Summary :  instructions on how to proceed if a user experiences difficulty hiring in ePAF for students and temps


Primary Information

    Summer 2020 Update:
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Social Security Administration offices are currently closed to walk-in services. It is recommended that students not apply for Social Security Numbers (SSNs) following mail-in procedures. Students will be able to apply for jobs and can work temporarily without a SSN. Read about the newly created process!

    See the ePAF Manual for step by step instructions for STUDENTS/TEMPS: Time Entry/ePAF.  See the Guide to Hiring Faculty and Unpaid Appointments for FACULTY/CWRs. 

    Make sure that if you are off campus, you are logged into the VPN to have full access. Also note that there may be issues using a Mac or certain browsers so you may need to try a Windows computer or alternate browsers.

    Taleo ID is used only by recruiters and does not need to be entered.

    Mobile Phone must be entered using the international format, i.e. +1 for US numbers. For example, the number for Tufts Support Services would be entered as +16176277000.

    Supervisor field must be entered but if you are unsure of the Supervisor, select the ePAF user entering the hire. All active individuals at Tufts are available to be selected as a supervisor for this field. If you cannot find the correct Supervisor listed, please note that the Supervisor must be a Tufts employee; cannot be a POI or a Contingent Worker. If the person entering the ePAF doesn’t know the employee ID they can change the "Search by" dropdown from Empl ID to Description, and then search by surname.  

    Address: if the field is grayed out (or if you do not know what the address will be)  continue in the hiring process (leaving the information as is grayed out or if required, using a Department address as a placeholder) and the employee can update the address  later once eServe access is available. The graying out happens if it has been less than 3 years since the employee last worked for Tufts or if the employee is still active. If you get an error message when trying to enter the ePAF and the system will not allow you past the address screen until the issue is corrected, ask the employee to log into eServe to correct the address (it may be for example that they are only including International address information but need a Local address); if the employee is unable to correct the address, and you cannot get past the error, send the correct address to T2 to make the change so that you can then continue the hiring process. 
    If the employee has a foreign address, you can search for the country by clicking the magnifying glass and changing the dropdown menu to Description instead of Country, and then searching. Please note if the person is working abroad please do not process thru ePAF; contact TSS for further assistance

     There are also some other common errors you might run across:
    1. If you are trying to hire a temp in ePAF, and you receive a message that you can't because he/she is a student, this is because the person is still registered as a student within SIS.  In order to hire as a temp, the person can no longer be listed as an active student.  The appropriate school registrar will need to make the change before hiring is possible. If you need assistance with this, please contact TSS.

    Typically this becomes a problem when a Student graduates and you are trying to terminate the Student Job and Rehire as a Temp. Since we cannot determine when the registrar will change the Student status to Inactive following graduation, we recommend that you wait until later in the summer to make the change, which gives time for the status to be processed with the registrar. Since Students and Temps are taxed the same during the summer, this will not be an issue until the Fall, when Student Workers will become exempt from FICA tax but Temps will be subject to FICA. So, if the former student is not going to work into the Fall, you do not have to do anything, but if he/she is no longer going to be a student, you must terminate the Student Job and hire as a Temp before school begins so that taxation is correct.

    Additionally if you are trying to hire a Student through ePAF and there is "No Match" this is because they are not currently registered as s Student with the registrar. You can hire them as a Temp instead in this instance.

    You cannot depend upon the Tufts Directory to tell you if someone is a Student (this information is most current at the registrar's office and will feed over to ePAF but may be delayed).

    2. Effective dates can only be up to 30 days in the past or 180 days in the future. Otherwise contact TSS for assistance with an effective date more than 30 days in the past.

    3. If you do not know how to hire a Student or Faculty for a one time payment: When hiring a Student or Faculty for a Semi Monthly job that only requires one payment, we need to use whole pay periods, so always make the dates either the 1st of the month to the 15th of the month or the 16th of the month to the last day of the monht. The Job Code would be 9200 Tufts Contract Student and the Semimonthly rate would be the entire amount you would like to pay, since the job will only last one pay period.

    4. The pay ranges that can be entered are as follows:
    Hourly- $11-$75/hour
    Contract/Salaried- $30-$3000 per pay period
    Contact TSS to enter a rate outside of these parameters but note the job must be entered at the max pay rate allowed and TSS will not be able to make the update until after the I-9 verification is complete, if required 

    5. You cannot have the same Job Code multiple times within the same Home Department. You CAN have an hourly and a contract job in the same Home Department.

    • If this error message shows up and it's a Contract Student, it is probably because the job already exists (check ePAF Data). If it's a different job, transfer to Tier 2.
    • If it's an hourly job, contact whomever created the first job and ask that Timekeep to also enter the time for this 2nd job on a weekly basis (even though there will not be a separate record for the job in Job Data). If the 2nd job has different pay rate, the Override Pay function can be used; if the 2nd job has a different Dept ID/funding source, you will have to make sure the Timekeep has access to this additional Dept ID and if not, T2 will have to set it up in order to use the Override Dept ID function in Time Entry. 
    • Remember that a Student with Multiple Jobs should still not exceed 20 hours per week during an Academic period week or 40 hours per week during a semester break. It is up to both Supervisors to coordinate and make sure the hours are not exceeded.

    6. A TEMP can only be paid Hourly, not Salaried.

    7. If you are receiving an error on the birthdate and the hire is under age 15, you must enter an incorrect birthdate to reflect age 15 or older, then immediately email TSS to correct the birthdate

    8. You cannot hire a current STAFF member as a TEMP using eReq. Instead, you need to talk to your HRBP to create an additional job for the Staff member, or if the system has somehow allowed a Temp job to be entered, please ask the HRBP to request that it be changed to a Secondary Staff job.

    9. If there is an error message, "Standard Hours is a Required Field" but you are unable to enter the standard hours, because they are grayed out, this may indicate that the person is trying to enter a job that is already existing. Check the panel to see.




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