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Student Health Insurance

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First Published  :Fri Jan 08 14:24:46 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Fri Jan 20 18:27:28 GMT 2023
Last Published  :Fri Jan 20 18:27:28 GMT 2023
Summary :  Information for students looking for health insurance


Primary Information

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Tufts University Health Sciences Schools require all matriculated students of higher education to participate in a health insurance plan.  Read more about plan rates and coverage.

    Information about student health insurance for non-Health Sciences Schools can be found here.  The Student Health Insurance Plan will automatically be charged along with tuition on the eBill.

    There is also a Health & Wellness Services Fee at Tufts University which provides medical, counseling, and health promotion.  This is a mandatory, non-negotiable fee.

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