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Information about Tufts Gym Facility

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First Published  :Mon Feb 01 21:16:47 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 31 14:24:36 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Dec 31 14:24:36 GMT 2019
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    Tufts employees are allowed to use the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center on the Medford campus for their athletic endeavors.  For more information about the facility and hours, visit http://www.gotuftsjumbos.com/facilities/information.  New employees need to sign a waiver for their ID cards to work. This can be done in the Fitness Center, 2nd floor weight room anytime 7am to 10pm.  Dependents can use the gym if the employee goes to the gym and registers the dependents there, showing his/her employee ID. The Gym can advise on the rules for dependents using the facility. You can learn more about available courses on the Physical Education Department’s website and look up specific facility schedules on Tufts University Athletics
    Retired Faculty and their spouse are able to Fitness Center for no charge (just bring proof that they were Faculty). Gym memberships for Alumni can be purchased at the fitness center desk on the second floor of the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center. The phone number for that desk is 617-627-5215.

    Boston campus students are able to use the Tauber Fitness Center in the Medical Education Building basement.  For information, please contact Jackie Desmarais, Fitness Program Coordinator, at either 617-627-5491 or 781-956-6805, or Jackie.desmarais@tufts.edu

    Staff, faculty and students at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine can visit the gym on the basement level of the Varis Campus Center.  There is a phone in the room for students to use in case of emergency.  Enter the gym by swiping the Tufts ID cards - access is already programmed.  Access restrictions have been lifted, employees now have access to the facility 24/7.

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