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PAF Pilot Information

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First Published  :Mon Feb 22 14:17:11 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Thu Jun 22 21:18:16 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Thu Jun 22 21:18:16 GMT 2017
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Primary Information

    For the PAF Pilot, PAFs will still be initiated by the same people, however, new PDF PAF forms have been created which allows for completing on the computer - no longer will anyone be required to print out and sign in ink.  These new PAF forms can be found online – select one of the following links to the forms: New Hire form, Separation form, Supplemental Pay form, Job Data Change form and Summer Leave form. Directions for completing the forms can be found here. Once a form has been completed, the initiator may then affix their digital signature to the document (if signatures are required by the school or division), then it should be emailed to the school or division’s designated PAF submitter.
    If the PAF is for a faculty member, the designated submitter will route to the faculty affairs officer for review.  If the school or division requires PAFs to be signed, the faculty affairs officer will affix their digital signature and send it back to the designated submitter (some faculty affairs officers will handle submitting PAFs to TSS themselves, so sending the PAF back to the designated submitter might not be necessary).  All PAFs will be submitted by a designated submitter to TSS.
    When a PAF is sent to TSS from a designated submitter, TSS will add it to the same ticketing system (Salesforce) they already use for tracking service requests and other questions.  This will allow for tracking where the PAF is in the process, and allow submitters to be notified via email when the PAF has been processed.
    There are a couple of exceptions to this new process:
    1. Staff new hires and rehires does not change – they will still be done via ePAF
    2. Leaves of Absence – staff members’ FMLA and other medical leave PAFs no longer require a PAF to be submitted.  Instead, the staff member should contact Laura Alix in HR (Leaves Administration) directly to initiate medical or FMLA leaves of absence or to process a return from medical or FMLA leave.  Laura will notify the employee’s supervisor about the leave.
    3. Labor Distribution changes that involve grants – these are now handled by designated local research administrators or sponsored programs accounting.  For more information, please refer to this knowledge article.
    4. Submitting more than one PAF at the same time - If you have more than one PAF to be submitted at once, you can do so.  However, please note that each PAF will need to be reviewed and processed separately, so they may show up as completed at different times.  For better tracking, we recommend that you submit only one PAF per email.  When submitting the same type of PAF for 5 or more people, there are bulk templates available for the following (click on the link to download a copy of the template): supervisor changes, location changes, timekeep changes, summer leaves, labor distribution changes (for employees who are 100% not on grants) and supplemental pays for vet incentives.
    Submitters of PAFs can look up the status of any PAF they submitted by going to the Tufts Support Services home page and selecting the My Requests tab, or they can run the PAF Process Report in Tableau. Initiators of PAFs can see the status of any of the PAFs where they are listed as the initiator by running the PAF Process – Initiator Report in Tableau.  Supervisors can see the status of any PAF for the employees that report to them by running the PAF Process – Supervisor Report in Tableau (with the exception of new hires and any bulk spreadsheet submissions – they will need to check with the Initiator or Submitter to find out the status of those).  If you do not have access to the Tableau PAF Process reports, please contact TSS to request access.
    Please refer to the new PAF Process FAQ document for more information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact TSS.

Related Information

    Creating Rules to Auto-File Email Messages
    Instructions for Using Tableau Reports for PAFs-  note that When you open Tableau workbooks in a browser on a Mac, scroll bars may not appear as expected. Try this resolution, or using Apple Safari browser, or if this doesn't work, contact TTS for assistance.  


    Change your OS setting to always show scroll bars.

    On the Apple menu, select System Preferences > General

    Under Show scroll bars, select Always.

    Refresh the page containing the Tableau view.


    Another NOTE to Mac Users: Approvers must open the PAF and sign in Adobe, rather than in Preview or the Online version. Also, make sure that Adobe is downloaded to your Mac or if you are using an iPhone or iPad, that you have the Adobe App! For assistance, please visit the Adobe page of the TTS website or contact TTS.





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