TSS - Employment Authorization Card

Employment Authorization Card

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First Published  :Thu Mar 03 19:41:29 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Thu Mar 03 19:41:29 GMT 2016
Last Published  :Thu Mar 03 19:41:29 GMT 2016
Summary :  Information regarding the Employment Authorization Card for the I-9 Process


Primary Information

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues Employment Authorization Documents (Form I-766) to lawful temporary residents of the United States or certain non-immigrants as evidence of their authorization to accept employment in the United States.  Foreign Nationals who come to TSS for I-9 verification can present this card solely (per Form I-9, #4 in List A).  This card should not be confused with the ‘green card (which authorizes a person to live and work in the USA permanently).

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