TSS - What to do if one can't log into eServe

What to do if one can't log into eServe

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First Published  :Wed Mar 16 18:35:32 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 09 18:47:50 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed Mar 09 18:47:50 GMT 2022
Summary :  instructions to assist an individual experiencing difficulty logging into Tufts eServe.


Primary Information

    New Hires will have access to eServe the following business day after  their Pre-Provisioning step is complete. The Pre-Provisioning email is sent immediately after the "ePAF Entered Date" on the Student/Temp New Hire Inquiry or Faculty/Staff New Hire Inquiry (The Panel).  Note that if the New Hire steps for Students/Temps are not completed within 30 days, the Job will expire and your Department will need to re-enter the e-PAF so that you can once again access the system.

    Other than the above considerations, those who cannot log into eServe may need to

    • try a different browser
    • clear their cookies/cache
    • try updating their passwords, or
    • if they happen to be overseas, may need to adjust their Language Settings (This may be solved through adjusting a browser setting, depending if they are using Internet Explorer or Chrome. Please also try logging into just eServe and no other applications. Please also ensure you are on a PC and not a Mac.)
      • In Chrome navigate to ‘Settings/Show Advanced Settings’ and scroll down to Languages
      • In Mozilla, navigate to the far right button on the top of the page for Open Menu. Click Options-Content-Languages.

    If not on the Tufts office computer and logging into PeopleSoft HR from a laptop, you need to use VPN, else the only view available will be your own Self Service information.  Other PeopleSoft information such as Timekeep and EPAF will not be available.  Go to the start menu, and search Cisco "AnyConnect".

    Please note that Affiliates do not have access to eServe; Persons of Interest do have access. If you were originally hired as an Affiliate and then become a regular Hire, you may have difficulty logging into eServe initially due to a possible "Identity Conflict." Please contact TSS to help resolve this and TSS will work with TTS.


    Note that enrollment is best completed from a computer or laptop rather than a cell phone.  You may experience difficulty with a Mac/Safari browser. 

    If constituents receive an error "Action item already exists" when trying to complete their New HIre information, have the user log into the system and click on the pagelet to perform their new hire steps.  Have them  click on the button next to "Temp/Student Employee New Hire" and select "Reload."  The activity guide will reset itself and they should then see the guide display properly.



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