TSS - Hiring Employees to Work Abroad/International Employees

Hiring Employees to Work Abroad/International Employees

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First Published  :Wed May 24 18:36:09 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Thu Jun 03 17:22:57 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Thu Jun 03 17:22:57 GMT 2021
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Primary Information

    Hiring Staff/Faculty to Work Abroad

    Please contact Claudia Jackson for guidance prior to hiring an employee to work abroad. Also, see the resources available on the Controller's Page for Hiring Abroad.

    Please refer cases for those who will be working abroad to Claudia Jackson, Director, Global Relations,Office of Risk Management and Insurance: 617-627-3762, Claudia.jackson@tufts.edu.

    Claudia will work with the Hiring Department on various aspects below to provide guidance on taxes, benefits, compliance, health & safety, payments, etc. and Claudia will contact TSS Payroll to set up the individual.
    1. Is this person a current Tufts employee/student that will be traveling to xxx country?
    2. Is this person a national of xxx country? If not, what is the nationality?
    3. How long will this person be engaged in the activity?
    4. Could you please provide me with a summary of the position (i.e. a job description)
    5. Is the project guided by any agreement of an agency (i.e. USAID for example has agreements with local governments with regards to employment of staff)?
    6. Are you providing any benefits to this person?




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