TSS - Changing Purchase Orders due to Error

Changing Purchase Orders due to Error

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First Published  :Fri Apr 06 14:09:56 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Tue Apr 17 19:23:22 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Tue Apr 17 19:23:22 GMT 2018
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    If an invoice has been paid and cashed against the wrong purchase order, then a change cannot be made to the voucher once posted.  However, an expense transfer may need to be done to correct the funding source(s) if each PO was charged to a different deptid or grant.  In addition, change orders need to be done to reflect the proper amount remaining on the PO (e.g. one PO would then need to be increased and the other decreased).  You don't have to do a cost transfer if the supplier returned the original Tufts check.  Send the check to AP at TSS and have them delete the voucher.  However, if the vendor refunds us with one of their checks, then you must deposit it to the original funding source via the Bursar.

    For example, if PO123 was charged to dept 5121 A140200 instead of PO456 for 5121 A130400 the expense transfer would be a credit to 5121 A140200 and a debit to 5121 A130400.  Send the case to Procurement to increase PO123 and decrease PO456.


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