TSS - My Pending Approvals (Action Required-Pending Approvals)

My Pending Approvals (Action Required-Pending Approvals)

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First Published  :Mon May 07 18:19:04 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri Mar 25 19:47:32 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Mar 25 19:47:32 GMT 2022
Summary :  New Report for Finance distributed to those individuals who are required to approve a transaction


Primary Information

    Approvers of various systems (E-Req, Apptricity, CEA, Medius invoices, Check Vouchers, Credit Card Applications) automatically receive an email/report titled My Pending Approvals every Monday.  The subject line in the email is Action Required - Pending Approvals.  The purpose of the report is to remind users when there is a transaction in the queue needing their approval.  If there are items to be approved, the user will need to click on the amount in that section of the email and you'll be taken to a prompt to get into that system.  After that, you'll either be taken to a list of items to be approved.  

    A user can log into the report at any time to see what they have to approve at that time by clicking here.


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