TSS - Processed Invoices Report

Processed Invoices Report

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First Published  :Wed Aug 15 19:54:06 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri May 13 18:33:07 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri May 13 18:33:07 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    TSS sends a Weekly Processed Invoices report to designated department members, informational only, via email.  It outlines the invoices which were processed through the electronic invoicing system within the past week. Ability to view invoices is based off Row Level Security.
    Report recipients can use filters as follows:
    • Click on a purchase order number to view the remaining balance for that PO. When the PO is closed or has $0 balance, no results are shown.
    • Start Date/End Date - This report will default to show the invoices which were processed within the past week. These dates can be modified to extend the results. (First available date 7/16/18) These dates are associated to when the invoice was approved and taken off hold in Peoplesoft. This is not the invoice date
    • PO # - This field can be used to search for a specific PO number or limit the existing results. (This can only be used if an invoice for that PO has been processed within the date range)
    • Dept ID- This shows a list of Department IDs used within the specified rate range. The check boxes can be used to define criteria of your search.

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