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First Published  :Thu Sep 15 17:39:49 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Thu Jun 27 18:35:47 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Thu Jun 27 18:35:47 GMT 2019
Summary :  Summarizes benefits feeds by vendor


Primary Information

    The following vendors are sent via file feed every Tuesday of the week:  EBPA (includes FSA/Commuter/COBRA), Tufts Health Plan, Marathon Health, Care.com, Met Law, Best Doctors, and Delta Dental.
    Eye Med is the only file feed that is sent biweekly.

    The basic information regarding enrollment and termination of an employee and any changes to Name or Address for Active Employees go over to the file feed to all of the above vendors as follows:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Address (must be a local MA address for Tufts Health Plan and EBPA or else will be flagged as a discrepancy and they will be ineligible for coverage)
    Email address
    Phone number
    Date of hire
    Date of termination
    Coverage type (such as 2 person, family or single)
    Group # for the plan

    First & Last names

    A data file with individual employee information is not sent to Prudential. We only send the total headcount and salary information PLUS we send an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) file for those who need to complete the EOI process as New Hires or during Open Enrollment. There is no need to update your Name or Address with Prudential; just make sure it is correct in PeopleSoft.

    Fidelity/TIAA receives file information for active and inactive employees in the retirement plans. File information is sent with the regular payroll files (so weekly each week and semi-monthly every 2 weeks). For separated employees or active employees not currently participating in the retirement plans through Fidelity and TIAA, please report the name change (or address change) to vendors directly in those instances.

    Other Inactive employee Name/Address changes should be done directly with the vendor- i.e. EBPA for COBRA,  Crosby for Retiree Health & Dental for 2017, EBPA for under 65 Retiree Health for 2018, EBPA for over or under 65 Retiree Dental for 2018, Via Benefits (formerly One Exchange) for over 65 Retiree Health for 2018. If a Retiree has a Name/Address Change and states that the vendor referred them to Tufts, please take the information and Tier 3 Benefits can make the changes with the vendor.

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