TSS - I-9 Re-verification

I-9 Re-verification

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First Published  :Thu Sep 29 20:53:45 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Tue Mar 08 21:07:58 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Mar 08 21:07:58 GMT 2022
Summary :  information pertaining to I-9 requirement after certain time or change in status


Primary Information

    I9 re-verification is required for any rehire for whom it has been more than 3 years since Tufts completed the initial I-9 verification. The final step of the ePAF Hire process will show the person entering the hire whether or not an I9 is needed.  The rehire will receive the "New Hire: email as they did previously. (Subject line: New or Rehire Employee Information – Immediate Attention Required)

    Foreign nationals will need to update their I-9 when their work authorization has been extended or if given a new work authorization status (example, going from F1 to J1 visa or Foreign National gaining Permanent Residency or Citizenship).

    The employee needs to log in to eServe, go to the Personal Information section and click "Form I-9". There will be a button that says, "I have already completed and submitted a Form I-9, but need to complete and submit a new Form I-9".  Then the employee will either a) show the acceptable documents to TSS who can verify section 2 again or b) use I-9 Everywhere.  Read this page for information pertaining to either method of verification.


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