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EBPA: Commuter Benefits

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First Published  :Fri Nov 04 14:41:25 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Wed Oct 25 13:53:32 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Wed Oct 25 13:53:32 GMT 2017
Summary :  Provides information about discounts for those working in Boston and taking public transportation


Primary Information

    Commuter Benefits for Transit and Parking
    If you are a benefits-eligible employee and you enroll in the commuter benefit, you can use the EBPA benefit debit card to pay for certain commuting costs through pre-tax payroll deductions.

    See  also Parking and Payroll Deductions/Parking and EBPA for general information about Parking and how Payroll Deductions work (not all parking arrangements benefit from enrollment in EBPA Commuter Benefits)

    Starting November 5, 2016, the EBPA online portal opened for Commuter benefit (Parking and Transit) enrollment.  
    To be eligible to receive commuter benefits for a particular month, employees must have enrolled by the 4th day (at 11:59 p.m.) of the month prior to the month you want to start receiving benefits. For example, you must enroll by December 4th for January commuter expenses. Funds will be added to the EBPA benefit debit card the 20th of every month for pass purchase for the subsequent month. NOTE: If your hire date (or newly benefit eligible date) is after the 20th of the month, enrollment by the 4th of the next month will be dependent on the completion of your new hire processing.

    To enroll, employees will log on to the EBPA website http://www.ebpabenefits.com/ and click Sign in and type Tufts University. Then click "Enroll or Change Your Monthly Parking or Transit Election" and not "Parking and Transit Web Services" (the link for "Parking and Transit Web Services".
    Once in "Enroll or Change Your Monthly Parking or Transit Election", choose the amount that you want to contribute (pre and post-tax*) for Parking and/or Transit no later than the 4th of the month to receive benefits for the following month.

    *The IRS maximum for 2017 Pre-Tax deductions is $260 so that is the maximum you can enter for Pre-Tax. Any pass that is less than $260 will be entirely Pre-Tax. For example, if your pass costs $244, you would enter $244 for the Pre-Tax and $0 for the Post-Tax. If the pass costs $280, you would enter $260 for the Pre-Tax and $20 for the Post Tax. Boston employees should enter the actual (full) costs on the EBPA site, as the Subsidy is reflected on the Paycheck and not on the online system.

    Once enrolled, you will receive an EBPA Debit Card and then can use your transit benefit in one of two ways.  Employees can 1) use the debit card to purchase their eligible transit passes and/or pay for parking expenses for the month.  Alternatively, 2) an employee can purchase a transit pass or pay for parking directly out of pocket and then file for reimbursement through EBPA.

    Employees who work on the Boston and Fenway campuses are eligible for a subsidy of 25% up to a maximum of $40.00 per month for transit benefits only. Employees will purchase the product at full value amount at the MBTA station using their debit card. The subsidy amount will be reflected in payroll deductions. For example:

    1. Boston employee elects a $100.00 value of a transit pass on the EBPA website ($100.00 Pre-Tax, $0 Post-Tax)
    2. Employee’s pre-tax payroll deduction amount is $75.00 ($100.00 less $25.00 subsidy)
    3. Employee purchases the $100.00 pass directly at a MBTA station using the debit card
    > For employees paid on a weekly basis, payroll deductions will be taken out of the 3rd paycheck of the month prior to the pass month.

    > For employees paid on a semi-monthly basis, the deductions will be taken out of the 1st paycheck of the month prior to the pass month.

    Note: To enroll in commuter benefit employees do not have to register on the EBPA website. Just click the link on the left side of the page- Enroll or Change Your Monthly Parking or Transit Election" and not "Parking and Transit Web Services". However, it is recommended to register later on once the Debit Card is received in order to set up an online account to access account balances. EBPA will mail out debit cards along with step-by -step instructions to set up an online account. *Note when Registering, the employee will need to enter the Social Security # for the Employee ID and then change the Drop Down next to Registration ID from Employer ID to Card Number (which they will not have until the Debit Card is received in the mail).  The Employer ID is CBA10803 if you do not want to use your card number .

    The election the employee makes for the Parking and Commuter benefit will stay in effect every month (automatically recurring) until the employee changes it on the on-line enrollment form which is located on the EBPA website. In order to change, please go to the same screen as for Enrollment, but there is a Tick Box for "Change in Election" at the top of the page: 

    Please Note: The IRS limits for the 2017 calendar year are as follows:
    • Parking Pre-Tax Limit - $255 per month 
    • AND
    • Transit/Vanpool Pre-Tax Limit - $255 per month
    These are two separate $255 Benefits/Limits for Parking and Transit (not a combined $255 for each)!

    Please contact Tufts Support Services at 617-627-7000 with any general questions about this program or with any questions regarding payroll deductions. You may also need to contact EBPA at 800-258-7298 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST) or email fsa@ebpabenefits.com ( do not use the TTY# 1-800-855-2880- that is for Text to Phone or Hearing Impaired and will only work from a phone that is TTY enabled). NOTE: EBPA will return voicemails within 24 Hours and voicemail option comes on after 5-6 minutes waiting for an agent.

    For information on how to purchase transit products, you may either log on to the MBTA website at http://www.mbta.com/ or call 617-222-3200, Monday - Friday: 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
    Lost, stolen, or damaged CharlieCards can only be replaced if they have already been registered with a MyCharlie account. If you have a MyCharlie account, login and request a replacement card to be mailed to you or call 1-888-844-0355.

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