TSS - International Medical Coverage for Travel Abroad

International Medical Coverage for Travel Abroad

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First Published  :Fri Mar 24 20:39:49 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 08 20:47:13 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Tue Dec 08 20:47:13 GMT 2020
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    See also Emergency Assistance while Traveling/ISOS and International Travel Registry

    Tufts University is proud to offer comprehensive emergency travel medical and security assistance for everyone traveling on a university-related international trip. 
    The Travel Assistance and Medical Coverage program partners Tufts’ travel assistance provider, International SOS, and its insurance provider to make responding to a health-related incident abroad as seamless as possible for Tufts travelers conducting international business or activities.
    The plan covers urgent and emergent medical expenses, including hospital room and board, inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, emergency outpatient care, labs and x-rays, inpatient and outpatient mental health, physician office visits and prescription drugs, at no cost to the traveler. The plan also provides coverage for medical and security-related evacuations.

    If you need medical assistance abroad, simply call the International SOS 24/7 worldwide assistance center at +1-215-942-8478. International SOS will assess your medical need, make an appointment with a carefully vetted health care provider at your location, and render necessary payments to the provider on your behalf. International SOS is your one-stop solution when travelling abroad -- from pre-trip security advice, assistance with lost passports, to arranging and paying for emergency medical care abroad – International SOS supports Tufts travelers.

    All Tufts affiliates on university-related international travel outside of their home country are eligible for coverage.  In order to confirm coverage, your trip must be registered with the 
    Tufts Travel Registry. Without a travel registration, International SOS may be unable to verify your enrollment and eligibility resulting in delayed services or out of pocket costs.


    How do I enroll to receive medical coverage?
    In order to enroll, you have to register your trip in the Tufts Travel Registry.

    Who do I contact if I need help when I am overseas?
    If you have an emergency, call the 24-hour International SOS Assistance Center (you may call collect) at 1-215-942-8478. You can also contact International SOS through their Assistance App 
    (it is recommended to download before traveling). The Assistance Center number is used for both medical and non-medical emergencies. The Assistance Center is staffed by doctors, nurses, logistics coordinators and security experts. International SOS can provide medical advice, make provider referrals, make an appointment at an available and approved clinic, render payment to your health provider as needed, or arrange for an evacuation.

    Who is eligible?
    You are covered under the plan while pursuing international educational or university-related activities approved by Tufts University, except for the excluded territories or while in your home country. To receive benefits, your trip must be registered with the Tufts Travel Registry.

    Do I get an ID card?
    You will not receive a separate medical insurance ID card. If you chose, you may download and print the International SOS membership card
    , but it is optional and not necessary for use of services.

    If I receive a bill for services I received, what should I do?
    If you are making your arrangements through International SOS, you will avoid receiving a bill for your services.

    If you did not use International SOS, you may be eligible for reimbursement of medical services you received while abroad. You should submit a claim through the Aetna International online portal by following the instructions below.

    1. Go to www.aetnainternational.com and go to Member Login/Register
    2. Click the “Register” button
    3. Enter your information:

    • First Name and Last Name
    • Your Date of Birth
    • Choose “Aetna WorldTraveler Plan Member”
    • Enter CSA Number: 299440-16-176
    • Enter Registration Key: 02155
    4. Accept the terms & conditions
    5. Click the “Get Started” button
    6. Create your login details:
    • Your email address
    • Create a Username
    • Create a Password
    • Select and answer a Security Question
    7. Click the “Continue” button
    8. Select “I need to make or check a claim”
    9. In order to submit your claim, you will need to provide:
    • Claim Details
    • Receipts 

    Who can I contact with questions about a claim?
    For a medical claim related to an accident or sickness contact Aetna International. Please have the claim submission number available, if you filed your claim online, please allow for 7-10 business days for the claim to process in the system prior to calling for a status update.
    1-877-301-5042 (international toll free)
    1-813-755-0239 (collect)
    Aetna International
    P.O. Box 981543
    El Paso, TX 79998-1543

    Answers to additional questions can be found in the FAQ section on the International Travel Assistance and Medical Coverage website.

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