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First Published  :Thu Apr 20 22:00:24 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Thu Jul 16 18:04:03 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Thu Jul 16 18:04:03 GMT 2020
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    Based on feedback we received from the community, TSS will be offering new training sessions which will occur on a regular basis and will cover various topics. Below please find a list of the courses we will be offering and please register for the session(s), which you find will be most relevant for you. We will be announcing additional training sessions on other topics as well, and this information will communicated through Access Tufts, Tufts Announcements, the TSS Website and other information channels once finalized.

    In addition to introducing these new training sessions, we also want to inform all eReq users that the Medius notification emails, which have been sent from TSS@Tufts.edu, will be coming from noreply@tufts.edu starting June 1st. Because of this change, we will be asking you, the invoice approvers, to make comments/changes regarding invoices directly in Medius and not to reply to the emails. This change will enhance Tufts’ audit capabilities and TSS’s ability to act on your comments quickly. We also recommend the use of the @comments in the system, which initiate email notifications to specific users. For those of you unfamiliar with this process, we will review in both Medius Invoice Approval Training sessions below. To view the tip sheet sent out with all invoice approval requests, please click here.

    Class:  Medius Invoice Approval Training
    Audience:  New Users
    Time:  Every other Wednesday from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Type:  Zoom meeting
    Brief Description of Training: This half hour class will review the Medius product, which is a software which scans invoices into the Electronic Invoice (EI) system, matches data to an existing Purchase Order, and processes the invoice directly into PeopleSoft with little or no manual intervention.  The EI system provides an automated workflow process that is utilized to obtain invoice approvals where necessary. Users will receive an email containing a summary of their invoices imported from the previous day that require their approval.  A weekly Tableau report called My Pending Approvals will highlight all pending approvals. Register here.

    Class:  Medius Invoice Approval Training - Advanced Controls
    Audience:  Experienced Users
    Time:  Last Thursday of the month from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Type:  Zoom meeting
    Brief Description of Training: This half hour class will review the Medius advanced actions including: workflow, sending for review, emailing invoice images, gathering invoice images in bulk, match exception, using @ comments,  and general best practices. Register here.

    Class:  PaymentWorks
    Audience:  New Users
    Time:  Second Thursday of the month from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    Type:  Zoom meeting
    Brief Description of TrainingPaymentWorks is a platform used to streamline the process of creating suppliers/payees (vendors, students, or individuals) in order to get them paid through Accounts Payable. Through the PaymentWorks platform, the process of inviting a supplier to enroll is as simple as sending an email. This new automated process will provide complete transparency from invitation through supplier creation in PeopleSoft, saving time for all parties involved.  This class typically lasts thirty minutes.  Register here.

    Class:  Electronic Check Voucher
    Audience:  New Users
    Time:  Every other Tuesday

    Type:  Zoom meeting
    Electronic Voucher Voucher is our new online system that replaces the old paper check voucher form as well as the Guest/Student Travel Form and the Business Expense Reimbursement Form. In this training, you will learn how to create payment requests and inquire about previously submitted items. Register here.

    See below for instructor-led, videos, self-help guides and tip sheets related to other various Finance Systems.

    FAST:  There is a program that HR, TSS and IT conduct once per month called FAST (Foundations of Administrative Support) at Tufts.   The course is 2 full days and it reviews all of the Finance and Human Resources systems in order to successfully conduct business at Tufts. Visit the Tufts Learning Center for more information, or contact Lauren.Hubbard@tufts.edu to enroll..

    User Guide
    Video Tutorials for e-Expense (Apptricity)
    Trouble Using Apptricity Mobile Application in e-Expense, pg 47

    Guide to PCard in PeopleSoft
    Reconciling PCard Transactions in PeopleSoft
    Activating a Corporate Card or PCard
    Procurement Card (PCard) Uses and Restrictions
    Information about the PCard

    E-REQ user Guide
    How do I create a requisition or EREQ?

    Data Warehouse
    Data Warehouse Financial Reports Tip Sheet
    Data Warehouse Travel Expense Tip Sheet

    Tufts Marketplace User Guide

    Accounting Functions
    Directions To Complete An Expense Transfer
    How To Complete An IDR



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