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Chair Stipend/Research Fund

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First Published  :Wed May 03 21:43:25 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Mon Sep 30 17:36:24 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Mon Sep 30 17:36:24 GMT 2019
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Primary Information

    Payments for Chair Stipends can be processed either via Supplemental PAF or via a Journal Entry that transfers the funds from the Dept ID directly to the Research Account.
    -If the Supplement option is chosen, taxes are withheld, but there are no restrictions on how the funds are spent.
    -If the Journal Entry is processed, no taxes are withheld, but the expenditures must be for professional development and must follow Business Expense Guidelines.
    Any Chair who would like to change his/her preference from a Supplemental Payment to the deposit to the Research Fund should speak with the Dean's Office/Executive Associate Dean (EAD) to restructure the arrangement.

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