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Using Interfolio

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First Published  :Mon Feb 12 14:57:19 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri Jun 07 17:57:57 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Fri Jun 07 17:57:57 GMT 2019
Summary :  faculty applicant tracking


Primary Information

    Schools should be using the applicant hiring tool Interfolio to track all faculty hires and faculty applicant pools.  All applicants for faculty (including related application material such as CVs, letters of reference, et.al) must be uploaded and tracked through Interfolio so that the University can track and monitor affirmative action and associated diversity goals as well as report our applicant and hiring data to the federal government for compliance purposes.

    In order to develop collaborative efforts and support the applicant track and associated reporting in each School, OEO would like assigned an OEO contact person from the respective schools to manage Interfolio data - so we can work with them and support the use of Interfolio and forward the aforementioned goals.  Reporting is an annual event so this request for the designation of a School contact and the necessary faculty hiring data is time sensitive.  

    Contact person:  Nadra Sultan:  nadra.sultan@tufts.edu or 617-627-3298.

Related Information

    https://access.tufts.edu/interfolio AccessTufts page on Interfolio for Hiring Faculty



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