How to Obtain a Corporate Travel Card

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How to Obtain a Corporate Travel Card
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Tufts Corporate Travel Card should be used to the fullest extent possible to pay all travel-related and/or business expenses. The Tufts Corporate Card (not the Procurement Card) is used to pay travel- or business-related charges, such as hotel costs, rental car costs, and meals.  It should also be used to pay for any type of event or entertainment cost, such as alumni dinners or meals with visitors.   Faculty, staff and postdocs are eligible for a card, however students and Temps are not.

How to Apply for a Corporate Travel Card

You must be a Tufts employee (faculty, staff or postdoc) to get a Corporate Card. Employees must complete an application (links to AccessTufts) and submit it to Tufts Support Services. The electronic application will be routed to the designated approver in your Department.  If a Travel Card or P Card application has been misdirected through Access Tufts, please contact TSS for assistance.

Please note: The password you create in the application will be used by the issuing bank to verify your identity. It takes 7 - 10 days to receive the card at TSS and then an email notification will be sent to notify the cardholder that the card has been delivered. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks for the cardholder to receive the card.

Additional Information about the Tufts Corporate Card

The Corporate Card is a MasterCard issued by JP Morgan Chase. It is provided, free of charge, to university employees. There are numerous benefits in utilizing the Corporate Card. They are globally accepted, can be used to obtain cash advances from ATM machines worldwide and offer a comprehensive travel insurance package, at no cost to university employees.  

When reviewing your travel card expenses within the e-expense system, and you find a charge that needs to be disputed, please contact TSS.  If you had personal expenses on your card and owe Tufts money, or if a vendor gives you a refund for a previous purchase, please send the check to TSS with the travel report number.  We will process the paperwork and deposit the check.

Travel Mastercard charges need to be reconciled as soon as possible upon return of the trip.  The Tufts Travel Policy Statement explains when reports must be completed and what occurs when they are not done in a timely fashion.  Read here for specifics regarding such actions. In the event that a traveler has lost a receipt, a missing receipt affidavit signed by the traveler and school finance director/EAD/VP will be allowed.  This should be in rare cases.  If you need assistance getting a missing receipt from a hotel or rental car company, TSS can help.  Hotel receipts are required by the IRS.

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