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Preferred Name
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Tufts University has adopted a Preferred Name Policy. Members of our community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) may now select a preferred name on certain university systems—including the White Pages and email, as well as on class and grade rosters—in place of their legal name.

You may wish to take advantage of this new option in a variety of circumstances, including:
  • to select a name that better reflects your gender identity;
  • to select a name that better reflects your marital status (married name, maiden name, hyphenated name, etc.); and/or
  • to select a nickname, professional name or other variant that better reflects your personal identity.
To learn how to update your preferred name in systems such as White Pages, SIS, or TuftsAlert, go to https:\\\namechange.

At this time, Tufts’ Preferred Name Policy does not include preferred pronouns for faculty and staff, though Tufts students are now able to select preferred pronouns through SIS.

See also Personal Data Change (Legal Name) for making an official name change in systems such as PeopleSoft HR. There is a Preferred Name field in eServe but it is not functional at this time. 

More information is available on AccessTufts: Preferred Pronoun Information Available for Faculty and Advisors


5/11/2022 7:59 PM

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