Time Off Information and Time Off Tracking- Award and Accrual Process

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Time Off Information and Time Off Tracking- Award and Accrual Process
describes the time off information system within eserve
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Within eServe (Employee Self Service) is a Time Off Information link, where Staff can view their accrued time or time taken and  Managers can also view their Direct Reports' Time Off Information. The Manager can log into his/her own eServe, click Time Off Information, and the page will default to his/her personal Time Off Information. See attached Tip Sheet for Time Off Information-Manager View.

Time Off Information is not to be confused with Time Off Tracking, which  is only available to Timekeepers and requires access to the Time Entry System (PeopleSoft HRMS application must be submitted).   See these screenshots to view the difference: Time Off Tracking Versus Time Off Information

 Described below are some characteristics of the system.
  • A monthly process will add vacation and sick time to these balances.  Accrued vacation will be credited with a date of  the 15th of each month (but will not actually run until around the 20th); non-exempt sick time is added on an employee’s anniversary but will not show in the system until the process is run around the 20th of the month following the anniversary date. Exempt sick time is added on a rolling basis (replenished 12 months from date used.) SEE below chart
  • When the maximum balance for Vacation is approaching, the time will show in red
  • Departments record time off for Semi-monthly paid employees through the Time Off Tracking* process, while time off for Weekly paid employees is captured from theTime Entry system. Both of these transfer information to Time Off Information.
  • Time off is reported in hours, not days.
  • *Time Off Tracking Tip Sheet
    Time Off Tracking FAQ
    Time Off Tracking Formulas.pdf
  • Time Entry Tip Sheet
  • NOTE:  Personal days do not accrue - they are awarded July 1 and must be used by June 30.
    Bonus days for attendance must be used one year from the employee anniversary date

Paid Sick Leave

Employees accrue Paid Sick Leave as outlined below, which can be accessed after completion of the employee’s trial period.  Accrued Paid Sick Leave is not payable upon separation of employment.

 Non-benefits EligibleBenefits Eligible **
  NonexemptSalaried NonexemptExempt
Accrual Rate1 hour for every 30 hours worked13 days Year*26 Weeks per 12-month period*26 Weeks per 12-month period*
Maximum Accrual40 Hours* per fiscal year (July – June)26 weeks26 weeks26 weeks
Rollover of Unused AccrualsYes

Forfeited if not used within one fiscal year
When are new accruals awarded?As earned (1 hour for every 30 hours worked)On anniversary dateOn rolling basis (replenished 12 months from time used)On rolling basis (replenished 12 months from time used)
Paid Out Upon SeparationNoNoNoNo

*=Employees working at least 20 % effort on a federal Service Contract Act-covered contract may accrue up to 56 hours per federal fiscal year (October 1st – September 30th.

**= Prorated for part-time and academic- year employees.


If an employee is hired, or returning to work from an unpaid leave, on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of the month, the employee will receive vacation credit for the month. If an employee is terminating, or going out on unpaid leave, on or after the fifteenth day of the month, the employee will receive vacation credit for the month. Upon completion of the trial period, employees receive vacation accrual retroactive to their first day of employment.

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